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english instructor / studio co-owner / manager / designer – Ben

Hi! I’m Ben! Nice to meet you!

カナダでは歴史と美術を学びました。そしてTEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language; 外国語としての英語教授法)の資格も取得しています。1998年に初めてワーキングホリデービザで日本に来ましたが、その時にとても楽しい経験をしたの で、2002年に英語を教えるために再来日しました。

2002年から、プライベートまたはグループレッスンで、あらゆるレベル・年齢の方を教えています。これまでの生徒数は数百人にのぼり、関西圏だけでなく 東京の方もSkypeを使って教えています。また大阪では、パナソニック、丸紅、Bosch、CBREなどの企業で社員の方に英語を教えた経験もありま す。





I’m from Vancouver Canada, and I’ve been living in Osaka since 2002.  I also started  teaching English in 2002. I studied and received a TEFL teaching certificate in Vancouver before moving to Osaka.

My first teaching job in Japan was at an English conversation school in Kobe. After finishing there in 2004, I started teaching my own students, and then made my own school called “GREAT English” in 2009.

With GREAT English, I have taught hundreds of students of all levels, for many different situations. I also taught in companies such as PANASONIC, CBRE, BOSCH, and more.

As well as teaching, I have done acting on Japanese TV for TV commercials and TV shows, and have done modelling for catalogs or other media.

In 2015 I opened The VANCOUVER SKY STUDIO with my wife Yuka. We wanted to make a studio that felt like my home city of Vancouver!

In my free time I enjoy travelling, watching movies, listening to music, cooking, riding my bicycle and snowboarding.

I also do photography, and design, and designed this website, as well as took all the photos for it! I hope you like it!

I’m looking forward to teaching you!


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