Welcome to DAY 6!
Here is our DAY 6 plan!

DAY 6 is our last full day in Vancouver!

Today we’re going to drive up to WHISTLER MOUNTAIN!

WHISTLER MOUNTAIN is one of the biggest mountains and most popular mountains in North America!

Whistler was also used for many sports in the 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS 🙂

whistler-mountain whistler 3 whistler 4 whistler 5 whistler 6 whistler-village

We’ll meet in the morning around 8am to go have breakfast before driving up to beautiful Whistler!

We’ll go down to URBAN FARE in Coal Harbour again to have some breakfast and nice coffee, and pick up some fruit or snacks for our drive up to Whistler!


After breakfast we’ll get in a rental car and start our drive up to beautiful WHISTLER MOUNTAIN!

Whistler Mountain is an hour and a half drive from Vancouver city, and we’ll drive there along the “SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY”

whistler 8sea to sky 2sea to skysea to sky 3sea to sky 5sea to sky 6sea to sky 7sea to sky 9sea to sky 10sea to sky 11

The SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY goes along the ocean from Vancouver city, up into the mountains and through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!


After our amazing drive along the Sea To Sky Highway we’ll reach WHISTLER MOUNTAIN!


whistler 9whistler 10

There are so many things we can enjoy in WHISTLER!
So let’s enjoy it all!

In WHISTLER we can go hiking around, go mountain biking, ride on th PEAK TO PEAK GONDOLA, or just relax in the fresh mountain air!

Whatever we do, it will be great! 😀

whistler 11 whistler 12 whistler 13

After enjoying our amazing time in Whistler we’ll leave around 3pm to drive back down the Sea To Sky Highway to Vancouver and go shopping, eat and drink!

This we’ll be our last night in Vancouver, so lets have a great time!

We’ll get back to the city around 4:30 or 5pm, and have free time until around 8pm!

Then for our last dinner in town we’ll eat at the beautiful CACTUS CLUB COAL HARBOUR


cactus c h 2 cactus c h 3 cactus c h cactus ch 4 cactus club coal harbour 2 Cactus Club coal harbour

This restaurant definitely has one of the best views in the city!

After dinner let’s enjoy the rest of our last night in Vancouver together with some nice drinks and a nice view!

Finally, after a great day, we’ll go back and have one last nice sleep, and then see you tomorrow for our last morning before we catch our flight back to Japan in the afternoon! 🙂

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